Warren A. Howell

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About Warren

Warren was born May 30th, 1950 and has lived most of his entire life in Harris County. He started out in the business world in 1971 as President and half owner of Beckner-Howell Building Corporation until 1980. He had some of the best carpenters and painters available to perform work in Meyerland, Bellaire, West University, Riveroaks, Tanglewood and Memorial employing some 32 craftsmen. Then for the next ten years, manufactured roofing products employing some 100 employees. Having sold that business founded Risk Management Inc. in 1990. Utilizing his business and human resource experience from the past and with the help of 8 Certified Safety Professionals plus one great office of administrative professionals, provided Safety and HR manuals, conducted OSHA safety audits and 24-hour consultation to over 2,500 companies in four states. Risk Management Inc. still provides services today but as a value added service to the insurance agency that he started in 2001. Currently, Warren is president and owner of Employers Risk Insurance Company. He and his wife Dr. Paula Howell have been married since 1976 and resided in the same home since 1979 in Spring Branch. They raised two children, Vanessa Miller who is a healthcare provider in Austin, and Dr. Robert Shane Howell who is a Chiropractor and nutritionist in Dr. Howell 30 plus year practice known as Alternative Health Management. These two wonderful children have given Warren and Paula four beautiful grandchildren ages 10 through 18. Few people can lay claim to such a long history as a resident and taxpayer in Harris County.

Harris County has been through a lot in recent years i.e. hurricanes, Covid 19 pandemic, which was completely mismanaged, socialist programs created by the majority of liberal commissioners and some other corruption thrown in for good measure to obliterate our$300,000,000 plus in reserves and make commissioners court more reliant on Tax Anticipated Notes (TAN) causing interest on top of an already strained budget.

History will prove that the moves made by those in charge of all of the above disasters including the current judge, Lina Hidalgo, did not serve the citizens of Harris county well.

In my view the young inexperienced judge we now have is just a rubber stamp for whatever the commissioners and particularly Rodney Ellis want to do. The main ingredient into the current conditioner now with commissioners court is the lack of any oversight. Back in the day the commissioners were doing a pretty responsible job in managing the tax payers money but times have changed and it’s imperative g; going forward that we have a judge that is willing to say “NO” when it comes to signing contracts for studies that are just a waste of money, or contracts for things that are simply not a good deal or overpriced, especially in the case of no-bid agreements.

To know when one is looking at a bad deal, it is absolutely necessary to have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Construction and engineering
  • Business management
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management
  • Safety procedures and monitoring
  • Contract editing and execution

Warren as a general contractor, developer of commercial office buildings, manufacturer, developer of Human Resource and Safety procedures and professionally licensed Risk Manager with more than 50 years of experience has what it takes to correct the direction of commissioner’s court. Unfortunately, our current judge, Lina Hidalgo, has no experience in any of the above and can only just participate in literally giving our (Tax Payers) money away!